As most organizations these days, you are probably overwhelmed by digital information (database records, documents, spreadsheet files, graphics, charts, videos) spread in so many different places (web sites, clouds, directories, databases, content management systems)

You are tired of:

  • Spending time in "cut & paste" operations
  • Exchanging and retrieving versions of documents by email
  • Learning to use Content Management Systems
  • Paying expensive licenses

Discover our single source solution which avoids conflicting information, guarantees updated information at any time and opens the way to the fast & cost effective development of customized services fitting your needs.

  • Any information is produced and updated by the authorized person in your organization in a very intuitive way, simply using a browser
  • No need to install or configure complex software
  • We use cutting edge technologies that are at the basis of a new generation of information systems

Our mission

We help you organize your collaborative processes and turn all your content into a single source of information to efficiently produce, reuse and deliver content in multiple channels.

We offer services to build customized solutions ranging from simple intranet to applications covering complex workflows.

About our solutions

  • Fully based on open source software
  • In compliance with W3 and ISO standards
  • Your data are hosted in Switzerland or in your organization